As a Managed Service Provider specializing in infrastructure services, the Outer Edge team routinely uncovers information that we believe to be valuable and pass along to our followers. It is important to understand details of your service level agreement on cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure. Both have very comprehensive coverage, but are different. Major differences between the two are determined by the type of configuration you choose and at what layer your SLA applies.

AWS’ SLA applies to the data center/virtualization layer of your cloud solution. In addition, you are still required to build your solution on a certain hardware/storage configuration to qualify for SLA credits. AWS provides the building blocks for you to build your cloud solution with the understanding that anything you build above the virtualization layer is accountable to the customer. The virtual machine guest layer in AWS is not covered by AWS’ SLA. For example, if there is a misconfiguration on your SQL cluster, that is typically responsible to the customer not AWS.

Azure’s SLA applies to the data center/virtualization layer, but will extend to the virtual machine guest layer. This is dependent on if you choose a specific virtual guest configuration. The high availability virtual guest configuration options are very comprehensive. It requires research and a thorough understanding of business needs vs. wants. What this does is also add cost to your solution because you are required to invest more in the virtual machine guest layer to satisfy the Azure SLA requirements. The question is does the business really require this level of availability or more importantly recoverability. An in depth RPO and RTO discussion is warranted to truly understand what the business need actually is regardless of what cloud option is chosen.

As a Managed Service Provider, Outer Edge delivers managed infrastructure services for Azure, AWS, and Private Dedicated cloud environments. In addition, we provide design and management services for SQL Server, Networking, Active Directory, Backups, and Disaster Recovery. Our team follows industry Best Practices and carries the top certifications in their respected engineering fields.

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