Today we are going to discuss some Active Directory and Single Sign On services offered by cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, which in turn can provide gains in productivity and cost savings your company could enjoy.

In today’s society whether it be in our professional or personal lives we have the burden of keeping track of a multitude of user ids and passwords. If we are purchasing something off a point of sale web site, having to access your son/daughter’s school grades, bank accounts, or work related systems, user ids and passwords await us. How does one manage it all? Well it is not easy. The number of personal and work related systems we will need to access in our lifetime will grow exponentially. So what happens when you forget your password? If you are lucky one of personal/work related systems you access will have some type of self-service feature. In most cases, especially in your professional life, this is not the case. So what happens if you lock yourself out of a system you need to gain access to after normal business hours? This has happened too many of us and we are then subjected to call for a help/customer representative to help us out. So what happens if you have an employee that leaves the company? Are their credentials disabled? If we don’t have visibility over IT functions as it pertains to user id access control, how does one really know? User IDs and Passwords are there to help protect critical systems whether it be personal or professional. Unfortunately, what ends up happening is less productivity in our personal and professional lives in the hope of better security.

Questions and challenges like these beset most people every day of their lives. We have simply grown accustom to some of the inconveniences and time it takes to manage this. With the advent of cloud based single sign on and active directory services a lot of these challenges go by the wayside. Single sign on is simply a very cool way to help consolidate your access to systems by “bridging” your user id and password across these multiple systems. How do you ask? By implementing Azure or AWS SSO/Active Directory Services. Granted these services required design, implementation, and a degree of expertise. However the productivity and security gains that can be realized are almost endless. Imagine using one id and password to access all of your systems. Imagine having a consolidated process and visibility to enable or disable user access. Imagine having the ability to change your password anywhere and anytime without the need to call a help desk engineer. It is possible. Some of the high level features are as follows:

  • Identity Protection
    • Protection from compromised accounts, identity attacks, and configuration issues.
    • Consolidated view of all sign activities that helps identify suspicious behavior.
    • Conditional based policies that help block malicious activity and provide remediation actions.
  • B2B Collaboration
    • Improves partner access across SaaS applications such as Office 365 and CRM online.
    • Simplifies the provisioning of access to multiple cloud based or on premise resources.
  • Self-service password reset
    • Help reduce service desk calls by delegating the password reset process to the end-user
  • Self-service group management
    • Help reduce service desk calls by delegating the ability of group management to project leads or authorized end users.

With Microsoft Azure and AWS SSO/Active Directory services platform offer scalable and cost effective solutions that help increase productivity and security. The landscape of how we access our systems is rapidly expanding. Companies are quickly learning the need for user id consolidation and management is only going to exponentially increase in the near future. Make it easier on yourself. Explore your options.

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