This past week, the US-Cert Cyber Security Bulletin (part of Homeland Security) issued a total of 87 known alerts/vulnerabilities of which 27 were listed as high. 87 and 27 are scary numbers, but keep in mind…this was just for this past week. Cisco, Linux, McAfee, Apple, Google. These are all companies that have wide footprints in most businesses, and 37 vulnerabilities were linked to just these four prominent tech companies. How can your internal IT department not only keep pace with this tidal wave of threats, but address and protect your company from those that are applicable?

Analysts talk a lot these days about reasons for moving to the Cloud. Scalability, Flexibility, Resource Availability, etc., but often the most overlooked reason is Security. Security itself can be a broad topic, but it really comes down to two components. Keeping pace with technology and having the expertise to manage that technology. Running supported HW and SW should be a given (although not as common as you might think), but having the expertise and discipline to understand the latest threats, evaluate the impact to the business, and implement the proper remedies is critical.

Which brings us back to the Cloud. Today’s Managed Service Providers (MSPs) leverage the latest technology available in the market today and frankly, technology that many companies cannot afford to implement. Additionally, MSP’s have expert engineers on staff that are well versed in the latest technologies, and have experiences with troubleshooting security alerts and vulnerabilities. Again, many companies cannot afford to retain Cisco, VMware, SQL, etc. experts as part of their IT teams. Through economies of scale, MSP’s can offer state of the art technology, supported by industry experts typically for less than it can be run in house. This expertise enables today’s businesses to not only keep pace with industry trends, but stay on top of the latest batch of threats…which we know will be coming this week. Can you keep up?

Outer Edge Technology is a Managed Service Provider specializing in IT Public and Private Dedicated Hosting Environments.

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