Are Cloud File Services Right For My Business?

Everyone has experienced accidentally deleting files or documents that were saved on your computer but not backed up and were lost. Your IT support would tell you to make sure you save important files and documents to network drives so they can be backed up and retrieved if accidentally deleted or corrupted. The downside of this is it can take a considerable amount of time to restore the files, which can leave users frustrated. But what happens when you don’t have access to the network drive?

Storing your files in the cloud has many advantages. You can view your files from any phone, tablet or computer that’s connected to the Internet, and the cloud can also provide backup for files so they’ll never disappear if your phone gets lost or your computer crashes.

Whether cloud-based file sharing is used as an alternative to backup solutions or by small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that want to give employees flexibility in accessing their files, it’s clear the technology is gaining traction as a business tool. Dozens of vendors have cropped up with cloud based document and file sharing products geared toward customers ranging from individuals to organizations with 10,000-plus employees. Microsoft Azure File Services and Amazon Web Services (Amazon Cloud drive) have gotten into the mix as well as Private Cloud Providers.

Another big advantage that cloud file services provide is the ability for workers to collaborate on projects without the need to be in the same location. These services offer edit tracking for auditing purposes as well as secure sharing of documents and files and file syncing so what you are working on automatically syncs to the cloud. The costs of these services, whether for private use, which in many cases is free, or for business subscriptions are very attractive for the amount of space they provide. In many cases SMB’s are finding that the cost and ease of use for these services provide a better value and more businesses are moving in this direction.

Picture a scenario where you are working on an important project and you are finishing the documentation. You are under a deadline to finish this but the documents need to be reviewed and possibly edited by co-workers. One is located in another office and the other is traveling and does not have access to an internet connection. Using Cloud File Services make it easy for multiple users to view and edit the documents from almost any device. Your co-workers can access the documents and review/edit so you can now meet your deadline without the stress of waiting on others!


There are still situations where companies must maintain file servers in their environment due to internal policies or even federal regulations, such as healthcare providers or government agencies. In these cases more companies are looking to move away from the cost and management of their internal server environment and moving to the cloud. With Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Private Cloud Providers, businesses can find effective alternatives and provide secure and highly available services.

Cloud File Services are joining the long list of cloud services that are changing the way we work and access data. Whether your company wants an easier and cost effective way to store and share files, move business critical applications or entire datacenter hardware and software, businesses are finding the cloud viable option. It allows businesses to stay up with current technologies and reduce the total cost of ownership as well as the reducing the cost of management for a higher return of investment. Whether used by at home by an individual or as part of an enterprise strategy, cloud file services offer a flavor for everyone!

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